Berman Contemporary strives to create synergies between artists from South-Africa and their Counterparts around the world.

DuduBloom More

DuduBloom More (b. 1990) is a visual artist from Soweto, Johannesburg. In 2018 she graduated from Artist Proof Studio and has completed her 4th year in Professional Practice. She has been participating in various art competitions and her work has been shown at numerous group exhibitions and art fairs, including the FNB Art Joburg .


Chrisél AttewellChrisél Attewell

Chrisél Attewell was born in 1994 in South Africa. She received her BA Fine Arts degree from the University of Pretoria in 2016. Chrisél was selected as a Sasol New Signatures finalist in 2016 and 2017. In 2017 she was chosen to participate in the Assemblage Peer Mentoring Program and the RMB Talent Unlocked exhibition at the Turbine Art Fair. Hereafter she continued to showcase her work in multiple group shows around South Africa where her work has become part of various national and international collections. In 2018 and 2019 she participated in several group exhibitions in Johannesburg and was selected as a Top 100 finalist for the ABSA L’atelier Art Competition. She had three solo exhibitions: “Architectus Konstruksie” at the Klein Karoo Nationale Kunstefees (KKNK), “Under Construction” at Assemblage in Braamfontein, and “Substratum” at Lizamore & Associates in Rosebank. Attewell was selected as a 2018 recipient of the Young Female Residency Award with The Project Space, founded by Benon Lutaaya.


stefan blomStefan Blom

His current sculptures continue to channel his first-hand experience of the psychic wound inflicted by personal trauma into the more impersonal and largely unstable area of political and social forces. His works investigate how the victim and perpetrator are part of a continuum. Bound together as one entity in an eternal symbiosis, the human spirit is trapped. A nominee for the FNB Vita Art Now Awards in 1996, his work is shown mostly in European and American galleries and museums. Blom had his first solo exhibition in 1995 at the Karen McKerron Gallery in Johannesburg.


Ingrid Bolton Berman Contemporary artistIngrid Bolton

Ingrid Bolton was born in Johannesburg South Africa in 1963. She now resides and works in Cape Town. Bolton’s area of interest is taking pressing global issues and bringing them into the public space for discussion. Installation is the predominant medium she uses but has also included videography. With her medical technology background in microbiology, her interest fuels the need to make the microscopic world visible. A few years spent running an organic farm with her family leads the natural focus of her attention to be on the changes in climate conditions and the weather.


Robyn Denny

Robyn Denny, born in South Africa in 1972, is a painter and video artist. Denny majored in painting at Michaelis School of Fine Art, Cape Town, then attained a Master of Fine Arts from Goldsmiths College in London, where she graduated primarily in video art. After graduation Denny co-curated JUNCTURE in London and Cape Town, the critically renowned group show, and created her own video-installation for it – Earth, Air, Fire, Water. A solo exhibition of large black works, INK PAINTINGS Underground at The Hudson, marked the artist’s return to painting, currently her primary medium.


Natalie Field

Natalie Field is a fine art photographer born in Port Elizabeth, South Africa in 1982, where she completed a B.Tech Photography Cum Laude at the Nelson Mandela University in 2008. Based on the body of work created in her final year, Field was invited to exhibit at the Design Indaba in Cape Town in 2009. The artist has participated in several group exhibitions, including a four-person show curated by Sandy Cofey at the ArtEC in Port Elizabeth, in 2011.


Marian HesterMarian Hester

Marian’s current project deals in various ways with landscape and the increasing concerns being expressed worldwide about the effect of the Anthropocene era on nature and ecological systems. Her site-specific installation, entitled “The Weight of the Dead” (2017-2018), uses pieces of dry tree roots and trunks, lit so that the shadows are integral to the work, together with a meditative sound installation, to communicate some of these concerns. A recent 2019 installation comprises a cloud of tiny suspended coffins for bees, made from Fabriano papier mâché, also accompanied by a sound work referencing the sky. Other than installation, she also works in bronze sculpture, painting and printmaking.


Juan StockenstroomJuan Stockenstroom

Juan Stockenstroom is a South African artist, born in 1982 in Cape Town, where he grew up. He started out working in the medium of photography and digital art. However, after a number of years in this medium, he found it limiting and so abandoned it. In 2018, he started working in painting, finding this medium more expansive and thus more suitable for exploring the themes and ideas with which his work is concerned.