Artist Statement


Coming from an environment where most people strongly believe in ancestral bondage, Kutlwano Monyai therefore explores this bondage within her own family through spiritual, economic, aesthetic, and terrestrial connections. Connections that often reflect on lived experiences, revealing abstract nuanced relationships that narrate stories about her maternal and paternal lineages. She is internally driven by dreams, and takes the oral, visual, and written methodologies of interpreting them; that she was taught by her maternal lineage into her practice. These methods of interpretation provide support when diving into memories through objects and materials that are regularly used in places she occupies.

In recent bodies of works, Monyai continues to bring light into her historical and present maternal experiences by using familiar plastic materials. Revealing experiences that leans towards how she was economically, aesthetically, and environmentally raised. She is re imagining and re creating objects that her maternal lineage used to make with plastic by crocheting. Using similar techniques and varying patterns from abstract, but traditional imagery that they used to possess in their works. Through her experimental processes she has adopted other weaving techniques.

Monyai has over the years mastered her procedures of painting which germinated from the obsession of maps and is currently manipulating and interpreting her recent crocheting and weaving process by contouring figures, landscapes and abstract patterns allowing her to build tapestries and sculptural kinds of imaginings. This body of work does not only pay homage to the women who came before her who were perforated by adversities, but also aims to display the exquisiteness of making something out of the bare minimum while on the other hand displaying the maternal acts of communicating maintenance, love, care, and determination for themselves to better their living spaces and experiences.

Kutlwano Monyai

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