Hazel Mphande

Hazel Mphande (b.1989) is a self taught photographer and artist from Pretoria. Hazel’s first encounter with a DSLR camera ignited a passion that led her to start using photography as a form of expression and later enrolling at The Market Photography Workshop to hone her skills as a photographer, completing both foundational and intermediate courses.

Though Hazel has been able to diversify and apply her skills using different techniques and styles, she is especially drawn to self portraiture. Hazel’s work has been exhibited at several group shows, namely: 30 Days in a CITY; SHE Clix ; Photocoment issue 49.

She participated in THE IMAGE IS OUR VOICE and later in SUN IN YOUR EYES, Berman Contemporary, 2021. She is now part of the New Vanguard mentorship programme for 2021.

In 2022, Hazel joined Berman Contemporary as a represented artist.

Instagram: @hazey_Jaay

Hazel Mphande