THE 2020s: new forms of abstraction – part 2

25 November 2023 – 25 February 2024

Amogelang Maepa, Athenkosi Kwinana, Chrisél Attewell, Cow Mash, DuduBloom More, Hazel Mphande, Katlisho Tleane, Kutlwano Monyai, Lee-At Meyerov, Mellaney Roberts, Natalie de Morney, Odette Graskie, Paballo Majela and Pia Truscott

The exhibition THE 2020s: new forms of abstraction – part 2, serves as a springboard for a new, young generation of South African visual artists who are investigating abstraction as a more global and nomadic art style, and shifting our gaze. One can sense that new life is blossoming within this early 2020s art movement, which has recently paid more attention to figuration. As these artists create a new visual language, they also contribute significantly to broadening the parameters of Contemporary African Art. They resist the pigeonholing of African Art on a global scale and seek to establish as an equal partner in dialogue with other cultural geographies of the world.

Curated by Els van Mourik


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