Investec Cape Town Art Fair 2022

Cape Town International Convention Centre
17 – 20 February 2022

Chrisél Attewell | Barbara Schroeder | Dudubloom More
Curated by Els van Mourik

Berman Contemporary is delighted to participate with 2 booths at the Investec Cape Town Art Fair taking place at the Cape Town International Convention Centre. In our main booth you will find work of Chrisél Attewell and Barbara Schroeder who have worked together for several years. In the solo booth you will find new work of DuduBloom More.


During the week of the fair, you can expect all the leading galleries, museums and institutions to open cutting edge and thought-provoking shows, hosting engaging programming throughout the city and bringing you the best of art and culture on the continent once again.

South African author and art critic Ashraf Jamal has recently published his latest collection of essays on art, Strange Cargo.
The Book signing was held at Berman Contemporary’s booth with Jamal and one of the artists featured in the book, Robyn Denny.

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Chrisel AttewellWe are surrounded by landscapes and societies that are traumatised. Within these landscapes, there are traces that could tell us more about the many ways in which we are connected to each other, to other species, and to the Earth. Finding such traces in the environments around me, and deciphering their nuanced meanings and histories, is the driving force of my artistic practice.

My work is a response to the natural environments that I explore around me and often includes natural materials, such as clay, glass, wood, and stone. A central part of understanding my work is to consider what these materials communicate. Each material contains information about our interconnectedness with the Earth and involves elements of curiosity, play, transparency, fragility, tension, and balance.

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Barbara Schroeder“For the past twenty years I have been seeking my inspiration in the kingdom of plants. I cultivate and collect an imaginary world based on the ancestral issue of fruiting. The initial trigger occurred during a visit to the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam where so called “minor genre” scenes were exhibited: market scenes, still life’s where vegetables such as cabbages featured in the foreground of these paintings.

I plunged into the idea of metamorphosis; the earthy coloring of my chromatic range made the nourishing earth a recurring symbol of the idea of maternity; a symbol within which I attempt to describe the cycles of life in multi disciplinary techniques.

My inventory works to decode as closely as possible the quintessence of this incessant organic beat: bark, pod, pulp, fibers, seeds… and to understand the way in which nature face up to traumas in order to regenerate itself. I enrich my compositions with copper, bronze, zinc or brass oxides which lead to processes of mineralisation, crystallisation, iridescence, and solarisation . One no longer knows whether it is the vegetable or the mineral that is prevailing, the living or the deadly weight of corrosion. All is a question of living and surviving, where rust and cupper devour, and fire consumes”.

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DuduBloom MoreThroughout my work, I am always drawn to colour and the theory of it, and I use it as a focal point. I see colour as a way to evoke a mood as it affects my moods too. For each sculptural work, I intend to use the qualities of the colours to create a burst of energy and playfulness.

My work is a cathartic process. It helps me assess where I am at mentally and it helps me stay in the present. Currently I am at a place where anxiety is making me intentionally choose joy. The method of creation is repetitive and methodical, yet it is also light hearted and the results are mostly surprising.

Building one large object from joint smaller objects, reminds me of experiences, influences, situations and people/communities that make me whole. The sculpture might seem bulky, but it is also sensitive and lightweight.

As I use found cardboard as the inner, and synthetic wool as the outer, the process is auditory, tactile and a sensory experience. The shape of a circle is one that feels like both a beginning and an end. The use of colour is an extension of how I feel and I embody the energy of those colours in the work I create.


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