Berman Contemporary's

The New Vanguard

Berman Contemporary’s The New Vanguard is a mentoring group for artists with emerging practices. We create opportunities for them such as curated exhibitions, art fairs and coaching.

natalie de morneyNatalie de Morney

Natalie de Morney was born in Cape Town in 1980 and raised in Elsies River, a township on the Cape Flats. She currently lives in East London. She is a fine art graduate with majors in painting and ceramics from Walter Sisulu University. A successful civil engineer until, at the age of 33, she left that career behind to follow her passion of becoming the artist she always dreamt of being, since she was a little girl. After a year of exploring with little to no experience, she was led to joining a drawing class held by a retired fine art lecturer who encouraged her to go back to university and study fine art. Into her late 30s, she started tapping into her intuition and connecting to nature and the spiritual realm, capturing her introspective and healing journey. This led her to conduct her post graduate research on how to use art, spirituality and nature to heal. Her works illustrate her journey of healing and transformation.

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Tré Malwande Mkhabela

Tré Malwande Mkhabela (b.1999) is a mixed media artist who was born in Johannesburg. In 2019, he completed Cambridge International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) in Art and Design, resulting in best academic results in the world. In 2020, Tré was selected as one of the top 10 finalists for UJ Art Gallery Moving Cube Launched with Willem Boshoff’s Blind Alphabet, the project was hosted online, but will be hosted by the UJ Art Gallery in real space and time during 2021.  Tré is currently studying a BA in Film and Television at the University of the Witwatersrand, whilst practicing scriptwriting, drawing, painting, photography, and printing. His work is tied to his identity, which is linked to his type 2 Bipolar Disorder which is represent in a variety of techniques and experimentation.

Nomfundo Mkhize

Nomfundo Ndondo Mkhize was born in Newcastle, South Africa in the year 1996. After completion of her studies at the Durban University of Technology in 2017, Mkhize now holds a National Diploma in Fine Arts, where she majored in Art History, Drawing, Sculpture, Painting, Communication and Management Studies. In 2017, Mkhize was selected as one of the top 100 finalists for the Sasol New Signature Art Competition. Mkhize is now a Johannesburg based artist, who is currently focusing on a variety of mediums that focus on her heritage. Her work has an earth toned aesthetic and is culturally focused, which is heavily influenced by her isiZulu background and oral traditions.

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Hazel’s work focuses on the portrayal of one’s body, identity and the abstract representation of nature. Her work is characterised by the use of long shutter speed and double-exposure, using blur to create a sense of movement and transition. These photographs embody a temporal wane of fleeting experiences, memory, growth and decay and begins to mimic the shape-shifting apparitions of recollection and reminiscence of transition.

Katlisho TleaneKatlisho Tleane

Katlisho uses photography as a means of self expression, creating introspective work to better understand his life experiences and the reality he lives in. Growing up in the social setting of a small village, he had an idealised idea of how the world worked only to be frustrated with the harshness of its reality. Katlisho’s work reflects his own position within a shifting but unchanging landscape, and a representation of his layered and geographically scattered sense of home, characterised by a questioning of one’s belonging, a persistent feeling of displacement, of not quite fitting into a space – an experience shared by many of his peers and generations before them.

gina-van-der-ploegGina van der Ploeg

Gina van der Ploeg was born in Cape Town (b.1994 ), where she completed her Fine Art degree with distinction at Michaelis in 2017. She has been intrigued by the ritual of art making through textiles (an age old “craft” that undermines the idea of “fine art”), how our bodies become present in the art we produce, and ways in which objects can elicit embodied responses from people. In 2018, Gina completed a Religious Studies post graduate thesis project that focused on an anthill ritual taking place in Limpopo and North West to better understand how physical objects and landscapes and create or affect the transcendent. Recently, she has found an intimate connection with movement and embodiment through backstrap weaving; an act that uses your entire body weight to separate the warp and create space for the weft; a rhythm of cloth making that directly responds to your body.

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