Robyn Denny’s paintings and accompanying film, was inspired by the ruins of Roça Sundy chocolate plantation on Príncipe. Once a slave colony, Príncipe now constitutes a Unesco Biosphere Reserve. Proceeds of Denny’s limited edition prints go towards supporting the work of the Fundação Príncipe; guardians of the community and the rainforest.


A series of archival prints based on natural corrosives on mild steel and copper plates.

Marian Hester’s experiments in using shadows to make cyanotype solar prints led her to find ways to fix those shadows on sheets of metal. Colour and chemicals continue to react from the surface of plate, subjects become overgrown and disfigured, recognition fades into lore. The plates will continue to change, so the works are documented which will create a tension between the archival digital print and the ephemerality of the plates. The works offer a rare opportunity to witness the constant cycle of growth and decay over time.


Candice Berman has formed the Artists Solidarity Assistance Project dedicated to our visual artists. The art proceeds will be split equally between 24 artists. These are limited edition prints which commemorate the disasters Covid-19 has caused us. It is a positive contribution to supporting and standing together with our artists during this time. We have collaborated with 24 visual fine artists and have put together a selection of 24 images. Each archival inkjet image is an edition of 50, printed onto Hahnemuhle German etching paper. Please support us in our solidarity initiative to raise funds for the 24 participating artists.