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Robyn Denny

Hatched 2014 – 2016

Robyn Denny

This body of paintings forms part of the alchemy of the ‘Hatched 2015’ cross-disciplinary collaboration. The language of Denny’s inks re-imagines Mamela Nyamza’s originally choreographed and intensely personal and transformative dance in a new medium.

In Nyamza’s words: ”I believe that in a good work of art it does draw others to bring something new, to bring something fresh, to bring something that actually needs to be seen even more because when I saw your paintings of me in ‘Hatched’ I don’t know, I had goose bumps, I have never actually stared at a painting in the way I stared at your paintings. The way the paintings made me feel… your paintings moved me and the way they moved me there was some kind of a transformation coming already just by seeing it…There are different forms of births that can make something more alive… This collaboration I feel has some dimension to bring ‘Hatched’ to another level with both the paintings and the visuals (film) it will take it to another level… It is not just a collaboration there is something deeper, which is how I believe in collaborations, there must be some connection. I connected with you in the paintings before seeing you. I connected with this collaboration and said there is something in this. For ‘Hatched’ today there are other births coming out of it in collaborating with you Robyn.”