Daniel Stompie Selibe

The Rhythm of Textures
Selibe uses the language of music and art making to explore texture, as it exists in sound, space, colour, rhythm and in the living of life. The textural path follows a path similar to the one of creating music, art and living. For Selibe it is an exploration of the power and magic of imagination, improvisation and collaboration. Selibe creates his work in music and painting as an invitation for people, as observer, participant or audience, to explore the depth of space, rhythm and texture in painting, music and life. His process and works are invitations to explore the known and the unknown, to explore questions of “what’s going on?”, “who are we?”, “who are we to each other”, “how did we become who we are?” and “how have the fingerprints of history left their mark upon us just as we have left our fingerprints upon history?”
Using the language of music and art Selibe describes his work as a deconstruction and reconstruction of musical sounds and images. Selibe perceives his artwork as a means of creating texture and meaning, with all that he senses around him and as a means of expressing and showing a language of the inner being as it engages with the world. This method produces an impulsiveness and fearlessness, a thrill and exhilaration of exploring the unknown. For Selibe making art is an endless personal expedition to find, free and express who one is. Creating art has developed into an integral part of his “musical being” as creating music has been integral to his artistic expression. The interaction of music and art is artistically captivating, a rhythmic flow of color and sound
Selibe makes use of innovative methods exploring what he says “My art is an act of the soul not the intellect. When we are dealing with sounds and visions we are in the midst of the sacred self. We are involved with forces and energies larger than our own. We are engaged in a sacred transaction of which we know only a little, the shadow not the shape. We invoke the great creator when we invoke our own creativity and those creative forces have the power to alter lives, fulfill destinies and answer our dreams in our human lives”.

The fusion of the old and the new recreates unique sounds and art, his work has been influenced by legendary musicians and mentors Stompie Manana and Dennis Nene. His work has the power of healing, enabling people to reach a point of discovering the unknown truth of finding solace and connection in the two mediums of music and art to reach people.

Selibe was born in Soweto in 1974 and in addition to being an artist and musician has trained as a facilitator for development workshops using art and music. He has been trained by the Creative Arts Therapeutic and Educational Facilitated workshops; National Paper Prayers Campaign, an AIDS awareness through printmaking project; the Joubert Park Public Art project, workshops integrating music and visual art learning; Vuka Uyithathe research and development training; Democracy and Human Rights education at Constitution Hill with the Living Together Project; The Imbali Visual literacy project and Big Fish, a film school. In 1998 he participated in an international exchange and research project on music and healing, visiting and making field recordings in Namibia, Angola, Cuba, and Belgium.

He has facilitated many art workshops on “healing through art” and he has participated in local and international art exhibitions from 2003 ,2004 to date, and has presented at residencies and conferences at in New York, Boston and Bangkok.