Art Series

Odette Graskie

Symphony Drawings, 2019 -2020

Two of my drawings were featured in the RMB Starlight Classics event in Cape Town. This is the second drawing I’ve done for the event, which has given me a newly defined interest in drawing musicians and instruments. This time the drawing is a piece dedicated to Beethoven. The drawing was animated and put on the big screen behind the Cape Town Philharmonic Orchestra, as they were playing a medley of Beethoven songs. I made the work playing classical music, and I really hope that one could see the flow of the music as I was drawing. It is also a one-line drawing, so a viewer can start at one point and follow it all the way along the line to the end. I’ve really grown to appreciate the way the musicians’ bodies interact with their instruments and music, echoing the way that my body interacts with the drawing while I am playing music. There is a constant cross influence that I find really interesting to explore.

Beethoven Medley, 2020
Live Video Installation
Length 2.44 Minutes

Flight Of The Bumblebee, 2019
Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov
Live Video Installation
Length 39 Seconds


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