Looking For Moss, 2020

My process comprises obsessive, labour-intensive drawing, cutting and putting pieces back together again. Drawing is a way of seeing, a way to  connect with the world around me on a deeper level. Since a recent visit to Picasso and Paper at the Royal Academy in London, I have felt a  renewed sense of the importance of drawing. By  really looking at someone, even if I never see them  again, I embrace the possibility of other existences outside of my own and find a way to connect with people.

In this, moments of humanity become possible  even with characters on a page, with the touch of materiality and smell of moss, the presence of  anthropomorphic forms. Healing is not only in conversation, it can be in one moment of pause  and attention. In my work, stories are implied.

Many hidden messages get lost along the way. In Artist Books, those might be literal words hidden in cracks and crevices, secret pockets and folded  pages, forever lost to anyone who does not pay attention. Some artworks could contain poetry, others might be inspired by a book about plant biology, astronomy, secret libraries or space-time adventures. Faces are of those that have crossed my path, moments of intimate snippets taken, from people who might not have noticed me at all.

Looking for Moss is a body of work that was inspired by the book ‘Gathering Moss’ by Robin Wall Kimmerer, this book investigates the how mosses live and how their lives are intertwined with the lives of countless other beings.

In 2020, Odette was invited to complete a residency at Gatehouse Gallery in Guernsey. Whilst there, she was able to study the witches’ grimoire – which included a wide spectrum of folklore, myths and ghost stories. Odette started collecting graveyard flowers, moss, seawater, old thread, shredded documents and started creating her own handmade paper, which she describes as a somewhat witches’ brew.

Each Page becomes a completed recipe, a document of the magic found on the island, leading to an interwoven connection between her and the island.