Art Series

Odette Graskie

Growing In Place, 2021
Odette Graksie | Growing in Place

Growing in Place is a series that explores the notion of staying in one place. Due to the isolation of the last year, I have been exploring the up and downhill battles which happen when there is a lack of movement in life – both physically and emotionally. Being stuck in place on one hand, and attempting to grow into the person I want to be. This body of work contains a waxing and waning of feelings towards being stuck – in my house, and also in Johannesburg.

There is Little Thunder Clouds: Johannesburg Summer I, an ode to the beauty of Johannesburg and the thundershowers, a yearly cleansing of the city. The dark billowing clouds blow in from late September every year, frightening and thrilling, echoing through the city walls after months of dry weather and ugly dust-filled skies. There is also Overgrown: There’s a Stranger in my Eyes Again, a compilation of the frustrations of being stuck somewhere, forced to grow into cracks and crevices – any spaces that are hospitable for life (while still cowering in fear of viral death) – eventually not recognising oneself.

Like moss, we have to grow into difficult spaces – wherever and whenever we can. This is also the root message of the Undergrowth Miniatures. Both these artworks are products of the frustrations and happiness of being forced to stay, when running wild is preferred. Of starting new things when everything else has to stop. The miniatures placed in a web, tangling with each other over time, there is endless space for new combinations when taking what I have and putting things together. We Grow Accustomed To The Dark, a peace-making with growing despite standing still.

Odette Graksie | Growing in Place