Natalie Field

Though her work, Field interrogates deep existential  issues, asking what defines us as human, questioning  our relationship with nature, and considering just how  stable the human condition truly is. Her conviction is  that by bringing awareness to these fragile concepts of  self (to which we attach such permanence and  immutability), we can embrace the fragility and  impermanence of existence.

Natalie Field (1982) is an environmental artist based in  Johannesburg, South Africa.

Field received her B.Tech Photography Cum Laude from  the Nelson Mandela University (PE) in 2008. Based on  the body of work created in her final year, Field was  invited to exhibit at the Design Indaba in Cape Town  (2009). She participated in several group exhibitions in  Port Elizabeth, before relocating to Johannesburg in  2011, where she now resides.

Field attended her first artist residency at the Arteles  Creative Center in Finland in 2016. Over the next 2  years she continued the project to create the collection  of cinematic tableaux, photomontages, cyanotypes,  botanicals and video installation that led to her solo  show, Human.Nature, exhibited with Berman  Contemporary in 2018. The artist went on to exhibit  with the gallery at the START Art Fair in London in  2019.


Natalie Field