Artist Series

Natalie de Morney

The Veil | 2022

Growing up, I found I could easily see and interact with the “unseen” world. However, a veil of illusion started clouding my senses and before I realised it, I had forgotten that this “unseen” world was accessible and integrated with our own world.

In 2021 I created Integration of Worlds which sparked the conception of The Veil, which refers to dissolving the veil of illusion. At this moment there are higher dimensional beings (light beings) that are assisting our planet and all of us that live on it, helping to dissolve the veil of illusion that we are separate. As more people awaken to this state of one-ness, we let go of fear and are more receptive to connecting with other worlds. The gift that we, as earthly beings receive as the veil of illusion dissolves is that it helps us to realise that all beings are connected, which leads to compassion and unconditional love for all.

Natalie de Morney | The Veil

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