Artist Series

Natalie de Morney

Rise | 2021

Rise allows the viewer into my personal, sacred, ceremonial space as I let go of my old identity and stepped into my new identity. The shamanic ceremony and its details were initially channelled by me, and further clarity was received through Daphne Chonon, a shaman.

The purpose of this work was to help me step into the Free-Spirited Warrior Woman that I am and embrace everything that came with it. It is an ongoing process as I continuously change and evolve.

The reason I needed to make this work available to other empaths, was to encourage them to celebrate and embrace who they are and not fear how people would respond. From my own experience I know that this transition is not easy. However, since I started embracing who I am I have an inner happiness that I experience no matter what I’m going through. I also no longer experience depression and anxiety. Sometimes fears surface, but I face them head-on with love and gratitude for the experience and growth I will gain from it. I finally feel that I am doing what is in alignment with my soul and this is an amazing feeling. I want others to experience being aligned with their soul.

Rise, 2021
Video installation
2:40 minutes


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