Artist Statement

Natalie de Morney

My artwork is more than just an expression of my healing journey – it’s a tool that I use to release deep-seated trauma; the physical manifestation of unresolved emotions, be it my own, from this or past lives – or that from my ancestral lineage. The cause of this trauma is not always known, it could be unresolved pain and suffering from generations of oppression and slavery. Through my art, I’ve learned that it’s enough to transmute this energy without the need to understand it, and that when uncomfortable emotions surface, it is indeed a beautiful gift. It is our Higher Self showing us any trauma that is unresolved and stored in the body that is ready to be released.

Through the creation of ceramic sculptures and performance pieces I find myself being receptive to access wisdom from my ancestors that I thought was lost through colonialism. My artwork rarely turns out as it was initially shown to me by my guides, ancestors, or Higher Self. As the healing process unfolds, the artwork evolves. During the creation process I spend much of my time in nature and in my studio where I prefer to work in isolation. When creating in silence or with guided spiritual music, I connect to the subtleties of the spiritual realm and receive messages from my ancestors and within.

Natalie de Morney in her studio

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