Artist Statement

Natalie de Morney

I use my artwork to work through deep seated trauma that is stored in my body. I believe that when challenging uncomfortable situations, emotions will surface, which is one of the greatest gifts. It is my higher self reminding me of trauma that is unresolved and stored in my body. And this trauma could be from this or other lifetimes or even ancestral.

Besides transforming my trauma into gifts, creating ceramic sculptures and performance pieces, allow me to access information from my ancestors that I assumed was lost because of colonialism. The information is revealed in bits and pieces by my ancestors as I become open, ready and receptive to receive it.

During the creation process I spend much of my time in nature, the spiritual realms and in my studio. It is rare that the artwork created turns out as it was initially shown to me by my guides, ancestors or higher self. As I create and work through the trauma the information that is received and translated into the artwork is adjusted or changed accordingly. This is one of the reasons I prefer to work in isolation.

When I am creating in silence or with relevant music, it allows me to hear and connect to the subtleties of the spiritual realm and the messages from my ancestors and within.

Natalie de Morney in her studio

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