Art Series

Marian Hester

Corrosion Series, 2020 -
Marian Hester - Corrosion Series

Marian Hester’s experiments in using shadows to make cyanotype solar prints led her to find ways to fix those shadows on sheets of metal. Colour and chemicals continue to react from the surface of plate, subjects become overgrown and disfigured, recognition fades into lore. The plates will continue to change, so the works are documented which will create a tension between the archival digital print and the ephemerality of the plates. The works offer a rare opportunity to witness the constant cycle of growth and decay over time.

In Marian’s series of Corrosion Works on sheets of mild steel and copper, the viewer can again follow the thread of her visual “vocabulary” through the distinct bodies of work: layered shadows and ghostly traces of tree trunk and root shapes appear and disappear amid clouds of rusty deposits and films of copper salts. The works speak to destruction and decay, but also hint at the beauty and optimism to be found either beyond or in spite of a process of destruction. Each Corrosion Work is double-sided, mounted on a wooden base so that the reverse of each plate is partially visible in its reflection in a mirror. The series is accompanied by a sound-piece comprised of six separate sound clips, accessed by the viewer by pressing a series of buttons mounted alongside the installation. Each of the sounds references one or more elements in nature which contribute to corrosion, such as wind, stormy weather and friction. The sounds are not all immediately identifiable, which offers the viewer a sense of play and discovery.