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Marian Hester

Landscape Bronzes, 2017

Marian Hester

My current body of work explores in various media the impact on planetary ecology of human activity – the Anthropocene era. My “landscape bronzes” is a series of small and delicate bronze sculptures, mounted against the wall on brackets and lit so that the shadows they cast are an integral part of each work. Because they are small, they draw the viewer closer, inviting him or her to examine the damaged twigs and uprooted trees intimately, to see the detail and beauty that waits to be found even in broken things. They depict trees as we may not want to see them: broken and damaged, uprooted, dead.

The shadows cast by the lighting also communicate something of this idea: the metaphorical “shadow” we see as being cast by negativity, or perhaps the shadow speaks to another “life” that the broken branches get through their transformation. For the works also play with the idea of worth and transformation: something apparently valueless is transformed into an item of value when it is remade in a different material – in this case, bronze.