Artist Series

Lee-At Meyerov

Accrescence Series | 2008

This work made solely from masking tape forms part of the “Accrescence” series. Here I explore the theme of growth and transformation, through a cumulative labour intensive process, whereby the material itself physically metamorphizes from a utilitarian object into an ambiguous substance suggestive of an organic,’ live’ structure. Accretion refers to the continuing growth and subsequent increase in size of a material through a process of external addition and fusion. Although beginning as a slow and gradual movement, quiet and controlled, there is nonetheless an underlying tension and danger which prevails, as this systematic and seemingly ordered structure threatens to erupt into an uncontrolled, constantly growing chaotic mass. “Accrescence” attempts to capture and ‘freeze’ the moment of accretion before the ‘organism’ spins out of the control.

The Accrescence Series is the first works borne out of my experimentation with masking tape as a medium. These works formed part of an installation based exhibition comprising of 4 sculptures framed within thin Perspex boxes each measuring around 1,5m in length and suspended from the ceiling. The purpose was that each work was to be seen through the other adding a multiple visual layer but at the same time also functioning as separate entities. Here, I wanted to explore the interplay between the ephemerality and fragility of memory and the physicality of the material. The works become traces of the familiar, inherently recognizable yet somehow foreign.


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