Artist Series

Lee-At Meyerov

Entanglement Through Space And Time | 2022

For this body of work, the fragile tapestry like forms of my previous works make way for larger, more sensual, life size sculptural pieces. Here, 3 large, masking tape sculptures are suspended from the ceiling, hanging from metal, butcher hooks. These sculptures hang together to form an installation. They should be hung in an organic fashion, at differing heights, eye level with the viewer, the nature of the masking tape and the transparency of the works will enable them to be seen through one another. The viewer would then be encouraged to walk in and around the works, experiencing them on a sensory level. Also, important is the interplay of the shadows on the walls and floor, furthering the notion of the body, with its presence, absence and transience.

These works are more visceral in nature, suggestive of flesh, skin or an organic structure. The fragility of the material is in stark contrast to the sharpness of the metal hooks on which they are hanging. These ambiguous bodies, function as metaphors for the physical and symbolic violence inflicted upon the body. They speak of the inextricable link between the body, space and time.


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