Art Series

Gina van der Ploeg

Gina van der Ploeg | Work in Progress

The processes of creating fibers, pulping plants, and weaving on a loom all leave trails in the form of floating threads and fluff and plant inks on cloth. Work in Progress brings these processes and trails together as that which creates continually changing objects, acknowledging a circular method of making. In 2021, I created a large hunching sculpture from layers of hyacinth paper. This paper sculpture has now found its final form in several chine collé landscapes stitched into with hand-dyed cotton and has been worked into several of the woven pieces.

While creating both the paper and woven works, I focused on expanding my own ideas of the limits or “utterances” of the materials. I have made many tools with a specific outcome in mind for processing fibers into paper, thread, or fabric. What if I use these tools differently? Or think about the “by-products”, loose threads, and outlines/set of a tool differently? These explorations allowed me to push the technical limits of my backstrap loom, weave paper into cloth, and disrupt fabric edges to form works that create materials and techniques I have used as mysterious and somewhat curious – as works that progress and search.