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DuduBloom More

I Don't Know What To Say, 2021
DuduBloom More - I Don't Know What To Say

Towards the end of the December holidays of 2020, my mother was infected by the Corona virus. The journey towards her recovery was mentally, emotionally, physically and financially taxing. During the period of her illness, she would express her ailments. There were many times where I wanted to make her feel better or less apologetic for being sick or less worrisome of the future or to take the excess pain away, but I’d never know what to say for all of that to happen.

This series of work started as a way to process the effects and affects that the virus had on me, my mother and my family. My initial use of lines was quite erratic as I felt I could not manage my feelings. The varied thickness between the thread and wool expresses the varied intensity and changes of my emotions during the time. The use of black describes the depressive period. Also using wool and thread, I referenced how text is written in books and articles to represent the words I could not find, but I also see the placement/positioning of the lines as pillars; representing my family, how we were there for one another, and how we stand grateful and stronger now that she made a full recovery.

DuduBloom More - I Don't Know What To Say