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A Moment At A Time | 2021 - 2022

Throughout my work, I am always drawn to colour and the theory of it, and use it as a focal point. I see colour as a way to evoke a mood. For each sculpture, I intend to use the qualities of the colour/s to build human like characters. The shape of a circle is one that feels either like a beginning or an end.

Making one large object from joint smaller objects, reminds me of experiences, influences, situations and people/communities that makes one whole. The sculpture might seem bulky, but it is also sensitive and lightweight. The method of creation is repetitive and methodical, and I find it calming. It is also a sensory experience working with the materials. As I use found cardboard as the inner, and synthetic wool as the outer, the process is auditory and tactile.

I have always been drawn to the circle. It is known as calming, feminine, safe, enclosing and equal. It reminds me of a beginning and an end. When the circles are in a bundle, I also get the feeling of togetherness, of people, energies and experiences.

A MOMENT AT A TIME | DuduBloom More

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