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DuduBloom More

Lost But Found, 2020
DuduBloom More - Lost but Found

This body of work was a reaction to the pandemic. In the beginning I felt hopeless. The uncertainty of the future was overwhelming. The restrictions were unsettling. Knowing that there will be a period of mass death was depressing. I had to make a mental decision to not sink into all the fear and confusion in the best way I knew how; creating with the purpose of staying present. Through this ongoing process, and in the body of work, there are moments that are difficult, but soft too. It reflects the constraint and what we now know as movement. Where there is the masculine, there is the feminine. There is both fear of what might come next but hope to see it through. Where there is anger for those who don’t respect my existence there is love for those who do. There is the past, present and future.

Lost But Found was shown by Berman Contemporary as a solo-exhibition, curated by our senior curator Els van Mourik, at the 1:54 Contemporary African Art Fair 2020 in London.

Detail Lost but Found - DuduBloom More

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