Gallery Events

Drawing Sessions with Odette Graskie

Sat 1st and Sat 8th May 2021

Drawing Sessions is an interactive performance with Odette Graskie. As an artist, prone to covertly drawing faces in populated public spaces, it has been difficult to come across her preferred subject in a time where public spaces are scarcely populated, and the public is permanently masked.

Seeing someone’s face is now a rare privilege reserved for one’s nearest and dearest. With complete COVID compliance, Odette asks you to expose your most guarded area – your face. Sitting 2 metres apart and separated by a screen, Odette will draw a study of the participant’s face to be used in her new work.

And yes, there is something for you – after she has completed the drawing, you will receive a limited edition print of her work, which you can frame, stick on your fridge or use as a bookmark.

Join us on Saturday, the 1st or the 8th of May 2021, Berman Contemporary will be hosting the Drawing sessions between 10am – 13:30pm.

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