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Chrisél Attewell

Architectus Konstruksie, 2018

Chrisél Attewell

Architectus Konstruksie is an experimental and ongoing project by Chrisél Attewell. Architectus Konstruksie is a body of work that plays on the notion of construction, the documentation of the creation of the city, and the capturing of moments, memories and history. The body of work mainly focusses on drypoint etching prints and sculptures created from the copper plates used to create these prints.

“The prints in this body of work is created on metal sheets that I work on at different construction sites in and around the city of Johannesburg. Having limited control over the creating process, I place the plates in certain areas on the sites for specific periods of time to allow the plates to spontaneously capture and document the activities of the sites. The transformed plate becomes a memory of the construction of the city in that specific time and place. Through observing the goal-directed movements, scratches and damage of the plate transferred to a print, I aim to utilize the mirror neuron system of the viewer to allow for an empathetic engagement with the work.”