Art Series

Chrisél Attewell

Gina van der Ploeg | Work in Progress

For the exhibition WORK IN PROGRESS, I wanted to create work that reflects my own artistic progress over the last six years, since I graduated with my undergraduate degree in 2016, until now. I decided to create two works, one that speaks to the past, and one about the future possibilities. The first work, 660 Fragments of Doubt, is made from fragments of paintings that I made over the past six years, but that never left my studio. These old paintings speak to the insecurities I felt during my development as an artist. By cutting the paintings up and knotting the pieces together, I went through a process of reflection. This allowed me to come to terms with the doubts I have had in myself and my work in the past, and to understand the place that doubt might have in my future development too.

The second work, 840 Fragments of Curiosity, follows the same process of making, but instead of using old paintings, this work is made up of 840 fragments of new paintings. These new paintings reflect things in my current environment that fills me with curiosity. I believe strongly that curiosity is what will drive my artist practice forward, and what got me to this point in my career. By cutting up these new paintings and interlocking them together, this woven painting offers me a small glimpse into the possibilities of my future work.