Athenkosi Kwinana



The scope of this study focuses on exploring the representation of the black (albinotic ) body in South African art, aspects regarding human rights and such notions of identity as self acceptance and self othering, related to PLWA. I refer to scholars such as Frantz Fanon, Homi Bhabha and Pumla Gqola , whose texts on blackness, discrimination, identity and gender, support my enquiry. My research investigates the current representations of black PLWA in contemporary South African visual art and culture and its implications for accompanying negative narratives. I critically examine the recent photographic series titled Albus (2013 2018), including assumptions about the merits of its advocacy of PLWA. In so doing, I critique the depiction of the black body related to PLWA in South African visual art and culture. Such an approach stimulates questions about the difficulties regarding the representation of PLWA from a black feminist perspective.

My qualitative research enquiry encompasses the Interpretivist paradigm, undergirded by postcolonial theory, particularly the discourses of black female subjectivity, human rights and notions of the ‘other’, as frameworks within which to respond to the injustice against PLWA. As an individual living with Albinism, I present my text and body of artworks using an autoethnographic narrative enquiry approach. By implementing this method of analysis through my art practice, I demonstrate how critical visual responses to prejudice and discrimination can provide a deeper understanding of the challenges and realities that PLWA encounter. I hope that my study and artworks can stimulate deeper awareness that can address the lack of research, social (in)justice, policies and practices relating to Albinism in South Africa. My work signals urgent challenges regarding the need for equality and inclusivity of PLWA in South Africa and Africa and the need to reimagine PLWA in the visual cultural, and educational sectors.