My philosophy in art is to make art that changes a world. Art that creates conversations about the human condition. Art that insights a different perspective of ones own cognition. Art is what reminds us of our souls. I aim to make art that with time can create a better understanding of  self, seen and unseen. I am a multi-focal multi-media Artist who works with a number of materials to create perspectives on issues pertaining to history, Identity, Shona mysticism and Black femininity. I define myself as a "Sculpting painter" due to my ability to incorporate aspects of both painting and sculpture. I work with space and use the body to convey ideas about self in retrospect. I am also a performance artist, making use of wearable sculptures and my body as a canvas as well as the clay. My love from art comes from a hunger to understand more about color, dynamics, texture and creation. There is a Shona saying "Ziva kwaunobva, kwaunoenda" which translates to " Know where you come from, where you are going." I aim to live and make art that embodies this idea because to truly understand one's self, you must understand your past  so you can shape your future. and with this notion I aim to create a future that is, was and transcend the bounds of my my immidiate understanding at any point in my present and my past.


Collaboration with Elsa

 My collaboration with the artist came about  in 2017, when I observed her working in her studio. I fell in love with the fluid forms, as well as the textures. as an artist who enjoys pushing materiality beyond its limits. We discussed how it would be interesting to test pouring on a 3Dimensional form. We looked at the materiality and the context of her pieces, which I felt a connection too, since I deal with relating humanistic elements pertaining to self and the larger self (universe) and  how they relate. We felt the work needed to stay true to the untamed nature of fluid painting, where a mark is individualistic and near impossible to recreate. The sculptures discuss the process of creating one's own existence within the spectrum of color, existence, materiality as well as the process of layering to create one's own understanding of self which as artists is what we aim to achieve, whether self is singular, plural, molecular or cosmic.