Caddelle was born Clayton C Faulkner in Johannesburg, South Africa (b)1967. He is a contemporary artist who works in a multitude of mediums, from Conceptual Art, Installation, Painting, Photography, Mixed Media, Printing and Digital Art.


Caddelle is a self-taught artist (Outsider Artist), he believes that anything and everything can be art, "it is just if an artist says it is so".  He tends to work in themes and series' that reflects his environment, mood and influences.




Land for Free, for you and me

Caddelle, May 2018


Land expropriation without compensation?  Ya Ok, I am not necessarily opposed to the idea, but….

Really, are you bazookas, I am so sick and tired of our politicians who spew out cool sounding words to appease the disenfranchised population all because they are seeking the vote in the next election.  Seriously dudes.  Really?   You want us to trust you and this goes for every single political party in this country.  


We listen to politicians, academics, and people in general and no one is making any sense, it is void of reality.  People are told that they will be rich and be emancipated if they own land.  You think?  


My mother always told me this when growing up, "Do you think if you plant a brick a house will grow?" what she was trying to say, you can't sit and do nothing, everything comes with work.  A property is just some soil and if you lucky you have some plants and a tree in it.  If you are super lucky there is a swing in that tree, and perfect clouds hang in the sky, you can see the unicorns float by while having a drink or two.  While swinging in that swing and dreaming of all things yellow brick road, you realise, with a sigh of desperation, "I don't have enough money, not even for a brick".  …But… I am rich I own a piece of land.   Personally, I so wish, at this point the bank still owns a huge chunk of it. 


The debate on who owns what and we will take from the few and give to the people.  What a noble and fantastic idea.  The protagonist of this unfolding story, the hero, the knight in shining armour is also the antagonist.  Time will tell whether Lucy will shine in the Sky of Diamonds.  Where does it start and where will it end?  It's a trip ;)   The idea of taking some land and then give to a person, OK, now you have given to one person.  Is the land taken from one "land baron" and then just given to the next "land baron"?  or, Do we take that land and then divide it up with more than one?  That is what is being suggested.  We now give 2 people a piece of land and then those 2 people then give 4 people land and then those 4 gives 8 then 32, 128 and then 56 million.  You cannot give one without the other, so, I come back to my question, where does it end?  


Let's analyse what it means to have a piece of land.  You have now given a piece of land to someone who does not have a job and has no real prospects of ever getting a job.  This land has no services on it because the country just does not have the money to provide all the infrastructure that is required.  OK, so now these people are owning land and then some "land baron" comes along and says, "I will give you some money for your piece of land".  Without hesitation it is sold, food in the tummy or land one cannot live on?  Land issue not solved.   Some suggestions is that all land become state owned.   Oh Ya, banking will collapse, the wealthy will just move on for security of asset reasons and millions of jobs will be lost.  The situation has now gone from bad to worse.  


Everyone has their own ideas on this subject but in the end what is it that people really want?  …and… What is it that people really need?


Dear politicians, it just seems to me that all the rhetoric that is coming out is purely self-serving and when you retain some sort of power after the elections then the people will realise that.  You will not be able to deliver.  So cut the s….  The uncertainty is costing people jobs and you are affecting this nation in a negative way.  The people with money are not spending and not investing.  Businesses are closing, homes are being lost.  The educated are taking their skills to other lands where they do not have to stress.


People want and need a "home", where they feel at home, where they come to escape the world, where they sit with family and friends with laughter and love.  The only solution is to educate.  An educated person will be able to generate income to pay for a home.  Pride and happiness is the result. 


This land is my land!


Candice Berman - investment art


Candice Berman - investment art


Candice Berman - investment art


Candice Berman - investment art