Ephia Mmbidi

Originally from Sebokeng in the Vaal Triangle. She currently works in Johannesburg, as a full time artist and a part time Art Facilitator with the Valued citizen initiative in Ferndale.  Mmbidi obtained her Fine Art B-tech degree at Vaal University of Technology.


Her Portraits capture the essence of being female. The ambitions, anxieties and the sensuality of being gazed upon. Her use of textured materials, particularly mixed media cardboard gouged and worked on with tools is symbolic of the way the feminine has been moulded by the various tools of society and culture. Her exploration is as much personal as it is political in that it endeavours to explore and expose the presence of the woman or the frminine construct in South African culture.


Ephia will be exhibiting with 20 visual artists at the FNB Jo'burg Art Fair, 2017 with the Department of Small Business Development.