Known for her digital artworks created from deconstructed photographs, Field’s latest interest lies with the spontaneity of in-camera effects. Combining her photographic process with performance art, Field weaves together surreal narratives. Through her art, she explores metaphysical themes around consciousness, our connection with nature and the transmigration of the soul; imploring viewers to reflect upon their own humanity. Field attended her first artist residency in 2016 at the Arteles Creative Centre in Finland, where she spent a month reconnecting with nature in the Finnish forests, ultimately creating her latest series: Human.Nature.



Human .Nature

2018 | The story of our universe… stardust


The story of our universe begins with a singularity. Due to some inconceivable force, space expanded and matter formed. The stars, the earth, oceans, animals and even our bodies, are all made from this matter that has existed since the beginning of time. The Merriam-Webster dictionary has a term for this collective: NATURE.

Through my art I feed my own curiosity about the natural world, while (hopefully) raising questions in the viewer that will lead to their own inquisition and ultimately wonder.

While Nature is the underlying theme in my work, there are several subtexts worth mentioning.

The cosmos as a cyclical, closed system that demands balance supports philosophies on non-duality. My work reflects the principle of the Tao Taijitu: the yin and yang illustrating the inter-connectedness of contradictory, yet complimentary dualistic forces that together create a monistic whole. For example, Breathe in… Breathe out… Let the human in… explores human evolution, combining elements from the ocean with the current human form to illustrate that we are chemical elements as much as biological matter. Further to this, the use of Therianthropy in Animal Within demonstrates the inner struggle between animal instinct and human intelligence. While the series Human.Nature is concerned with the balance between life and death, and vice versa.

This mercurial and ephemeral nature of Nature is explored through concepts around creation, evolution, metamorphosis and the transmigration of the soul inspired by metaphysics, philosophy and mythology.  

Einstein’s first law of thermodynamics states that energy cannot be created nor destroyed, it can only be changed from one form to another. Through my work I wish to celebrate this infinite cycle of life, and alleviate the fear of death. For, in time, this energy that was once you will transmute to form new life.

To me, this continuation of the life-force is the transmigration of the soul.

On the surface, these themes are visually explored through biological forms encouraged by an interest in anatomy, zoology, entomology and botany. Besides celebrating the beauty of nature, these elements are set to explore the tentative relationship between humanity and its environment. The use of human anatomy is key to creating a bridge between the narrative and the viewer. A commentary on man’s presumption of being at the centre of his experience of the world, rather than an integral part thereof.

Surreal, and often bizarre, narratives are played out in cinematic tableaus and complex photomontages influenced by art movements such Romanticism, Surrealism and Automatism.  

Using digital technology as an essential tool in the creative process, elements from everyday scenes captured in digital photographs, scanned negatives and digitized objects are deconstructed, to reconstruct them into new realities. By combining photo-manipulation with the spontaneity of in-camera effects, I continue to experiment with photographic processes in search for what I call “The Unexpected Image”.