As single beings, we are microcosms within the macrocosm of community, but we create stronger bonds, and become more than just ourselves, when we form connections. We connect via cell phones and the Internet, gaining access to other individuals, companies and organisations. We join, we link, and we visit. We communicate with each other from the extreme ends of the globe in an instant. All these connections are made possible because of the conductive ability of copper. How we as humans use copper as a resource today will affect generations to come – there is only a finite supply of copper left on earth.

My choice to use recycled material is a conscious one, given my deep concerns about the damage that has been inflicted on our environment and that we as humans are possibly becoming less connected with nature. My work investigates the way that global demand for copper has had micro and macro implications for South Africans, as well as for the greater global community.

Ingrid Bolton Berman Contemporary artist