Forrest, 2019

Dear Amo,
I have been thinking a lot about the Maniac and the Monk.

How they can coexist and why they need each other. I started
to think about the decision the Monk made for them. The decision to
let the Flower know “why they couldn’t do this anymore”.

The Monk made the best decision for both of them , he knew collaboration would
end in a 50/50 spilt and indecision would lead to a continued march on the same
path. The Monk knew the Maniac loved the Flower and he loved
her too.

I mean how could he not, she re taught them how to choose enlightenment over
conformity, how to be at peace and alone. He appreciated that.
The collaboration could not work any further and he knew the Maniac would seek
proximity to the Flower and he would lead them back to the same position.

The Monk would have to evaluate the initial decision to pick the Flower and burn it. That
decision was made with clarity. Clarity is what the Monk has always been good at.

The Monk knew what he had to do now. The Maniac must die and the Flower keeps him
alive, so he will pick the Flower, kill the Maniac and bury them together with a simple

I love you and stay away from me

To our forest fire



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