Tanya Bonello is a South African artist born in 1972. She graduated from the Michaelis School of Fine Art at the University of Cape Town with a bachelors degree in Fine Art in 1994. She currently lives in Cape Town, where she practices as a mixed media artist working primarily with gypsum, oil paint and found objects. These are some of the recurrent threads interwoven into the body of Bonello’s paintings, spanning decades of her art making process, as well as the application of synthetic gold and silver leaf, and the thematic use of geometry and writing.

Bonello explains her choice of material and themes: “The gypsum and synthetic gold and silver leaf, by virtue of their nature, will continue to transform or change – they are representative of the maxim ‘all is in a state of flux’. The geometry signifies that which we know – the fathomable – whilst the writing appears to be unfathomable as a known language, and as such is representative of that which we do not know or that which we cannot describe in words.”

Today, her sought-after works can be found in private and corporate collections, both nationally and internationally. Trying to bring to the fore a memory of our collective consciousness, Bonello uses a universal language that is ancient, true and widely understood – beyond words and cultural differences. Her work is imbued with an understanding of the Platonic equation: ‘the true = the good = the beautiful’. The substances used in her paintings shimmer and dance, humming with an energy which the artist has synthesised with the discipline of mathematics. As she puts it: “Geometrical forms are vehicles towards universal understanding and, as such, these timeless shapes operate as a force, reminding us that everything is interconnected.”

Tanya Bonello gathers inspiration from History, Geology, Astronomy, Physics, Botany, Literature, Music, Philosophy, Art and everyday life experiences.

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Tanya Bonello

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